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Train New HR Staff

Train New HR Staff

Frequently employers promote bright employees from within or hire promising individuals from outside the organization and move them into the HR role. This is a great learning opportunity for the new HR person.

That’s where HRx can help!

Employees new to human resources shouldn’t have to acquire all the requisite HR knowledge alone. And there’s no sense in reinventing the HR wheel.

We can review what systems are already in place and train your new HR person how to utilize those systems as well as educate them about the world of HR – from a legal and practical perspective.

Through a combination of one-on-one training sessions with us, identifying external HR training opportunities, and creating time and cost-effective HR systems, HRx smooths out the process of helping your new HR person become comfortable and skilled in the HR role.

And then Arlene’s just a phone call away, offering on-going tips and advice for those unique situations that always arise in the world of HR.

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