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Human Resource and Organizational Consulting

Human Resource and Organizational Consulting

When you need HR expert solutions and you don’t have the expertise or time to get the results you’re seeking, it’s time to call Arlene at HRx.

As your HR strategist and implementer, HRx will provide you the right tools and solutions to address your unique HR issues, save you time and eliminate your stress.

Whether HR is part of your responsibilities, you’re an HR department of one, or you’re part of a larger HR team, you can’t always do it all. Let HRx be your “traveling HR department” and fill those gaps as they arise.

Why call HRx? Because we know that…

One size does not fit all when you’re talking about developing and providing solid HR practices for your organization.

There are times when you need an outside perspective to help guide you with practical, doable solutions.

You may want a turn-key HR tool or system that you can count on!

You’re busy – so we can save you time by helping you bring closure to today’s HR projector issue.

What Our Clients Say

“I help manage a small non-for-profit association and we do not have an HR person on our staff. I’m so glad for Arlene as she has helped me through various issues that have come up over the years.

She is always willing and able to give me the guidance and direction I need when it comes to employee handbook updates, job descriptions, hiring practices, employee performance issues, salary survey data and anything else that might arise. Arlene is amazing and I couldn’t do my job without her!”

Executive VP & COO
Angi Farren

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