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Consulting and HR Mastery Client Testimonials

Our Consulting Clients Say…

Jennifer Yip, DVM, Owner, Veterinarian, Pilot Knob Animal Hospital

“As a new business owner, I had no previous experience or training in human resources. After floundering on my own for several months, I was given Arlene Vernon’s name. She was easy to talk with and understood my concerns immediately.

Arlene has helped me develop an employee handbook, learn how to effectively manage my employees, and develop a strategic marketing plan to help my business grow. My business is flowing so much more smoothly in the past year that I’ve been working with Arlene. I highly recommend her to any business owner!”

Connie Wangen, General Manager, Princeton Public Utilities

“I want to express my thanks for your expertise, patience and perseverance in helping us develop our company Employee Handbook. I had only a vague notion of what we needed but you translated it into a very useful resource that numerous employees have commented on.

I also appreciate the fact that I feel very comfortable and do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call you with a human resource question at any time. You undoubtedly care about your customers and in providing a great service. I am truly grateful that you were recommended to me and would no doubt recommend your work to others.”

Kris Graham, General Manager, Commonwealth Terrace Cooperative

“I met Arlene 6 years ago when I took on a new position in a small organization where I wore many hats. I badly needed competent help with my human resources. The first year, she helped me sort out employee disputes, dismissals, hiring and basic employee training such as Sexual Harassment in the Workplace.

Since then, she has been at my side when I call to help me sort out difficult employee situations, create new job descriptions as well as evaluation forms that make my job of performance reviews much easier and more focused.

In 2014, Arlene did a complete evaluation of all our staff positions, comparing them to other organizations and resources to create pay ranges and where the employees fit into the range. It was very helpful in defending the needed pay increases with the Board of Directors. I have found a valuable resource and look forward to many more years of her competent council.”

Christina (Chris) Temperante, CEO/Partner, Volkart May

“We have been using Arlene’s services for a number of years now. Arlene knows her stuff and understands both the legal and personal implications of the issues we put to her. She can be very detailed, putting together our HR Manual, or helping us craft letters that need a great deal of specificity.

But mostly, we value her advice, which is straightforward and cuts through a lot of issues to get to the heart of the matter. We tend to call her in early and she has saved us a lot of time, money and trouble by putting us on the right track and preventing issues that could have become bigger trouble spots. I highly recommend her services to any company who is not ready to employ a full time HR professional.”

The Management Team, Waconia Veterinary Clinic

“As our practice continues to grow, Arlene has been a valuable HR resource for us. As veterinarians and practice owners with multiple employees we are aware that we are not experts in matters pertaining to human resources. Whether it is a consultation via phone call, an individual or group meeting, Arlene can facilitate problem resolution and we can dedicate our time to what we do best.”

Carla Struble, CEO, Gangelhoff Enterprises Trust

“I have been associated with and have been guided by Arlene Vernon for several years prior to my hiring a full time HR manager. I would not hesitate to recommend her to someone who is looking for sound, professional advice in the area of Human Resource management. Arlene has a very straight forward approach to handling just about any HR issue. She blends her broad base of knowledge with an energetic and enthusiastic personality, even in the toughest of situations.

She is not only a critical thinker, but she is also a creative problem solver. Arlene is results-oriented and gets right to the heart of the matter. I believe any organization needing HR advice or guidance would feel fortunate to be able to work with Arlene.”

Saado Y. Abboud, Principal, Consultant, Keystone Compensation Group LLC

“I have worked with Arlene for a number of years and found her to be very knowledgeable about the role of HR in executing business strategy. She is an expert in preparing job documentations, employee handbooks, and policies and procedures to ensure programs compliance with regulations. Arlene is responsive, works efficiently, and is resourceful when it comes to developing creative solutions to new business challenges.”

Angela Orcutt, Vice President of Human Resources, United Bankers Bank

“I have HRx on speed dial!!

You know those meetings when someone thinks HR should put a new program in place and everyone agrees and you have no clue where to even begin? I always know I can pick up the phone and will get the help I need on where to begin!

When my company went through a major restructure, Arlene was helpful in drafting up the paperwork we needed to make our process seamless. She always knows the exact wording to use!

There is never a dull day in HR and we tend to get those situations that make us say “this is a new one!” It is times like these that I am so appreciative of the consulting services and HR hotline that Arlene provides.

From compensation to benefits to employee relation issues, to keeping up-to-date with all of the laws, Arlene does it all and keeps me on top of the ever-changing HR world!”

Our HR Mastery Clients Say…

Eve Dieterman, Human Resources Director, Families First, Inc

“I have been a member of Arlene’s HR Mastery Group for 4 years. In this Mastery Group, Arlene offers professional training on many important and highly relevant topics that, as a small agency, I would not get anywhere else. Her Group also provides a confidential yet casual forum for us to discuss our own challenges as an HR professional relative to particular incidents we are experiencing in our work.

No two HR issues are the same so it is great to have a group of HR professionals to discuss with and learn from in a highly confidential setting. I find great value in the learning opportunities from professional presentations as well as the network provided by the group. I have found this group to be invaluable to my growth and knowledge in the HR field!!!”

Wendy Novak, Practice Manager, Lake Harriet Veterinary Clinic

“Arlene Vernon’s HR Mastery Group is a content rich experience. Her seminars and round table discussion contain sound, clear, practical advice which can be directly applied to your business.”

Joel Noennig, HR Manager, Electrical Production Services

“Arlene has been an excellent mentor and coach to our organization and to me personally. She possesses an approachable personality and her communication style is geared for success. In addition, her knowledge base and experience dealing with human resource issues are very broad and always helpful when dealing with critical decisions.

Arlene also shares an extensive network of additional resources she can tap into as needed to provide the best guidance and training possible. If your organization is looking for a consultant you can rely on, Arlene is an excellent choice and one I would strongly recommend.”

Kelly Waller, Director of HR & Staff Supports, Ally People Solutions

“I have enjoyed Arlene’s Mastery class for the last 4 years. Arlene’s strategic expertise keeps me up to date with newly passed laws/regulations while interacting with a professional; yet, fun peer group who share questions and concerns.

I most enjoy the guest speakers Arlene provides and the 1:1 timely consults when I am in need of clarification, legal understanding, or just a sounding board validating my thought process.”

Angela Orcutt, Vice President of Human Resources, United Bankers Bank

“Being able to pick up the phone and verify an answer is so valuable to me. Sometimes I just need to bounce a question or idea off of another HR professional and I can do that with Arlene or any of the members of the HR Mastery Group. Everything is confidential and WAY cheaper than dealing with lawyers!

Through the HR Mastery group, I have established my network of HR professionals that I can rely on when I need another HR person’s perspective. If I am ever looking for a form, questioning a new process or just plain stumped, I can reach out to the group and know I will get immediate response!”

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