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Management Success Training

Management and Leadership Training

New leaders, experienced leaders and even natural born leaders need to enhance their skills to effectively lead their workplace teams.

No matter what level of experience comprises your management team, Arlene conducts training programs that are perfect for experienced and inexperienced managers alike. These lively, interactive educational sessions offer practical solutions to enhance your managers’ day-to-day skills. Your managers and their employees will both thank you for providing our training programs.

HRx offers individual training sessions customized to meet your organization’s training needs. The list to your right is a sample of the topics we offer to help leaders develop new skills and enhance their core skills.

Some organizations like to create a deeper training by introducing our Managing Success or Supervising Smart Series. In these programs we schedule a series of monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly training sessions targeted to meet a broader set of your management team and organization’s needs.

Design the training program that’s right for you! Select from our Management, HR, Business Employee or Keynote topics or call Arlene to customize the topic your organization needs. Check out our program list on the right or click here for a consolidated list of sample programs

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