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“Alive, enthusiastic, riveting, realistic and knowledgeable” is what Arlene’s audiences say about her engaging keynotes and training on maximizing our human resources – our people and our selves.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, memorable presentation that your audience can truly connect with, then Arlene is the speaker you want at your next event.

Not only can Arlene deliver the message, she does it in a way that moves audiences in so many ways. Whether the presentation is on employee engagement, workplace culture and leadership – on self-discovery, goals and intuition – or it’s a celebratory musical keynote, your audience will be moved to reflect, relate and create results.

Click on the Leadership, Inspirational and Events links to see our Keynote listings. If these programs don’t match your program theme or objectives, call us to discuss creating a custom program for your next event.

To bring Arlene to your organization call 952-996-0975 or Email Arlene@HRxInc.com

Arlene’s Keynotes

Check out Arlene’s most popular keynote programs or call us to discuss creating a custom program for your next event.

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