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Performance Tools

Performance Tools

Do your managers procrastinate before conducting employee reviews?

Well, your managers could be uncomfortable with or unskilled at completing appraisals or perhaps your evaluation forms and methods don’t include the right criteria to make them valuable tools.

Performance systems need to be relevant to how your managers supervise and communicate with employees. Well-developed tools do just that. HRx can design the right forms to match your culture, your style and your people. We create practical tools and systems that your managers will want to use.

Then we’ll train your managers how to apply HRx’s “No Surprise” method for giving employees feedback AND we can train your employees on how to receive feedback so that the entire process works!


We know that an appraisal tool is just one piece of the puzzle for educating and inspiring your employees. Let us put together a simple, solid tool and help your managers develop those solid employees.

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