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HR Practice and Compliance Audits

HR Practice and Compliance Audits

Are you doing HR right?

It’s challenging to stay on top of all the relevant employment laws and the nuances of human resources today. Our step-by-step detailed audit identifies compliance and practical issues and offers implementable solutions in many areas of human resources, including:

  • Employee handbook and policies
  • Employment and selection processes (ads, applications, interview and selection tools)
  • Orientation and onboarding
  • Job descriptions
  • Performance management system and tools
  • Time off and leave benefits
  • Communication, rewards and recognition programs
  • Exit procedures
  • And more!

The result of our Human Resource Audit is a detailed written report identifying core areas for us to address, priorities to act on, and a strategic plan to move your organization and your people forward with solid compliant HR and managerial tools.

You could benefit from an audit if:

  • You’ve just taken over an HR department and you want to get a solid understanding of what processes are successfully in place and where you need to make changes or enhancements
  • You’re new to the HR field and you want to make sure you’re doing the right things in the most efficient way
  • You want a fresh set of eyes on your policies, protocol and practices so you can rest easy knowing you have the right processes in place

HRx also audits individual functional areas, if you only need certain items reviewed. For example, we can audit your handbook, performance tools, employment practices, HR administration, checklists, or whatever else you’d like us to focus on.

Don’t put this off any longer. Now’s the time to be proactive with creating compliant, time-saving HR practices in place to make your HR life easier.

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