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HR Mastery Groups

HR Mastery Groups

If you have ever thought:

“I wonder how other organizations do this?”
– OR –
“Wouldn’t it be great to have a group of HR peers at my fingertips to help me resolve my HR issues confidentially?”
Then an HR Mastery Group is for you!

What is HR Mastery? Each HR Mastery Group is comprised of 10-15 HR professionals who commit to meet for one year, 2 hours each month to discuss hot HR topics, enhance each other’s HR knowledge, share HR best practices, tips and tools, and learn from HR experts – all in a relaxed, confidential environment.

The first hour of each HR Mastery meeting is an open discussion of the issues and questions you have “today.” The second hour is a focused discussion based on a survey of each group’s survey priority topics, which may include guest speakers.

And you get our FREE HRxpress Hotline! All HR Mastery members have full access to the HRxpress Hotline service to contact Arlene directly to assist with any ongoing HR issues – included in the investment. The resources of HR Mastery continue between group meetings – right when you need an answer. And the groups freely email questions that can’t wait until the next meeting, so they can learn from their peers’ experiences and expertise.

What is my investment to join a group? The cost is $1200 for the year and includes the 12 meetings, on-going member resources exchange and free HR advisory services through Arlene’s HRxpress Hotline.

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