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HRxpress™ Hotline: Retainer Services

HRxpress™ Hotline: Retainer Services

HR advice, guidance and solutions at your fingertips – just call or email!

HRxpress™ is a retained service providing an on-going HR resource advisor to HR staff, leaders and/or managers who need:

  • guidance in dealing with difficult employee situations
  • assistance understanding employment compliance
  • options for implementing a change
  • solid answers to other questions or issues that arise when you have employees.

Who is an ideal HRxpress™ user?

  • Employers who don’t have an internal HR professional experienced in handling sensitive issues and who want an on-going resource for their managers
  • Employers with an HR person who could periodically use a “second opinion” to bounce off ideas and issues as they occur
  • Associations who would like to offer their members an HR hotline resource as a benefit of membership
  • Businesses who serve other businesses (e.g. accounting firms, insurance brokers, small business bankers, etc.) who want to expand their service base by providing their clients with an value-added HR hotline resource

If you want to offer your managers, members or clients access to a human resource expert to help them with their on-going HR issues, HRxpress™ is for you.

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