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Employee Relations Strategies and Solutions

On-Call Employee Relations Strategies and Solutions

Have you ever needed an opinion on a human resource or employee relations concern and didn’t know who to call?

With HRx you are no longer alone with your employee issues. Whether it’s a:

  • Termination
  • Employee relations issue
  • Disciplinary action concern
  • Compliance question
  • Leave of absence situation
  • Policy interpretation or exception
  • Performance issue
  • Compensation question
  • HR administrative process
  • Interviewing and hiring dilemma
  • Or something unique that we haven’t thought of here

That is what we do.

We’re that resource to turn to for insightful advice and solid solutions to your HR situations or questions – just when you need it.

Sometimes we’re even called when you know you have the right answer, but just want to run the situation by an unbiased expert to make sure you’re on track and have considered all sides of the situation before taking action.

Try us out! Call 952-996-0975 or Email Arlene Vernon today and receive a free one-time trial of our on-call advisory services!

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