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Employee Hiring Guidelines and Tools

Employee Hiring Guidelines and Tools

Are your hiring practices formal or ad hoc? Are your managers re-inventing the employment process with every hire? Is your hiring success hit-and-miss?

If your organization has inconsistent or unstructured internal advertising, screening and hiring practices, you not only run the risk of potential discrimination – you run the risk of a poor hire.

Fine-tuning your Hiring and Selection Practices is another opportunity where the HRx approach of insight. strategies. results. can work for you

We evaluate your current hiring practices, strategize improved methods for attracting, interviewing and selecting top talent, then create a written process and specific hiring tools that result in better hiring for you and your organization.

HRx will create a custom Employment Guidelines manual to save you and your managers time and money, increase hiring consistency across your organization, minimize discriminatory processes, and present a professional image to your candidate public.

Your Employment Guide can include:

  • Pre-Employment Actions (job assessments, requisitions, approvals,…)
  • Job Specifications
  • Employment Advertising
  • Resume Screening
  • Pre-Employment Assessments
  • Candidate Selection Criteria
  • Telephone Interview Scripts
  • Live Interview Scripts
  • Background and Criminal Check Processes
  • Reference Checks
  • Selection Decision Guidelines
  • Offer Letters and methods for verbally extending the offer
  • New Employee Orientation

We can also fill your hiring gaps and create or refine any or all of the above processes.

Then we top it off with custom training for your managers on your new hiring processes so that your hiring process is consistent across the organization AND your managers are more skilled in hiring the best.

Or if you’d prefer to outsource the hiring of a position or positions to HRx, just call!

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