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Executive Advisor – Your Strategic Partner

Executive Advisor – Your Strategic Partner

It can be “lonely at the top” whether you’re a CEO, Executive Director, CFO, Human Resource leader or manager.

Sometimes you just can’t discuss the operational, financial or HR issues that affect you, your management team and your employees with the people inside your organization.

That’s when it’s time to call HRx.

Arlene regularly serves as the “sounding board” for many leaders who need:

  • an objective perspective to a sensitive situation
  • solid counsel on handling unique employee relations issues
  • someone who understands your business but isn’t biased by how the decision may impact them
  • guidance on exiting an employee in a way that respects the person leaving as well as the people who remain
  • ideas on how to reorganize departments or teams to meet budget constraints or to address other operational needs
  • help documenting employee incidents, writing employee communication or presenting difficult news
  • a semi-outsider to discuss and explore options so that the best solution is achieved

You don’t have to lead alone when you can partner
with HRx – your own human resource strategist.

The HRx process:
insight. strategy. results.

Tap into Arlene’s insight into your unique situation, as we explore key contributing factors to each issue to get the full picture and key perspectives.

Next, we set the stage as partners to define, lay out and evaluate a variety of strategies and actions to address your concerns.

Then we select specific short and long term actions to make sure we achieve the best results for you, your people and your organization.

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