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Leadership and Human Resources Keynotes

Leadership and Human Resources Keynotes

“Alive, enthusiastic, riveting, realistic and knowledgeable” is what Arlene’s audiences say about her engaging keynotes and training on maximizing our human resources – our people and our selves.

Arlene shares over 30 years of practical human resource, leadership and management expertise with her audiences. She brings the hands-on credibility your people want to see, hear, and implement. Her strategies, ideas, and information come from her hands-on experience and the clients she assists every day. You know that her topics and concepts are current in content and do-able in the workplace. Add to that her warm, lively personality and sense of humor, and you have a presentation that educates and entertains.

Choose from these HR and Leadership topics or check out our Training topics to use as keynotes at your next event.

  • Employee Engagement: More than Mere Motivation

  • Are you questioning whether or not your employees are truly engaged? Are you looking for strategies to get your employees excited about what your organization has to offer? This session will clarify what active engagement looks like, how to assess and set the stage for employee engagement, and how to authentically role model engaging behaviors.

    Arlene also shares how to create an action plan to engage and energize employees by recognizing and resolving the demotivating factors in our workplace and rewarding and celebrating employee and organizational successes.

  • Creating Corporate Culture: Fantasy, Delusion and Reality

  • When you ask your employees to define the work culture, do they give the same answers you would give? Leaders and employees often perceive the workplace culture differently. The culture we think we are creating as leaders may not match the reality of what our employees are experiencing.

    In this session you will learn how to assess whether your Fantasy work culture matches Reality or whether it is a Delusion of what you’d like it to be. This session is packed with practical strategies and solutions to help you gain a synergistic view of your work culture and take the right actions to be on track as an employer of choice.

  • Leadership: An Inside-Out Approach

  • Have you truly defined the type of leader you want to be? Are you mirroring that image in what you say and do? Do your employees respond the way you’d like? This session will help you identify your leadership strengths, styles, and development areas so you can get the results you’re seeking.

    We will explore core leadership models, participate in leadership style self-assessments, and learn practical tips and tools to help you enhance your effectiveness as a leader in your organization.

  • Intuition and Decision Making: Beyond the Gut Reaction

  • As leaders and managers we spend considerable time making rational, well thought out decisions. Which is great. But if we leave behind our instincts, intuition, and “I feel it in my gut” messages when making decisions, we’re not looking at the whole picture.

    In this practical program we explore and define intuition in the workplace, integrate it into solid decision making techniques, and clarify how you can apply it more effectively when making leadership, business, hiring, and other workplace decisions.

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