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Human Resources Training

Human Resources Training

Along with the leadership and supervisory skills managers must possess, managers also need to understand the ins and outs of human resource practices. Managers are frequently moved into leadership roles without acquiring core knowledge to perform HR-related responsibilities. And we know that’s where managers can get our organizations into trouble legally and practically.

So step back and look at your organization and determine where the gaps are in your managers’ skills, what issues could be resolved with hands-on, interactive training in these core functions and in what HR-related areas you want your managers to have solid time-saving and employee-retaining skills.

Arlene shares dozens of practical tips and techniques that she’s learned in her 30+ years of human resource management experience which will benefit both experienced and inexperienced managers. She shares stories, examples and techniques from her 100’s of clients and 100’s of hotline calls that show your managers that she can relate to the issues they experience every day.

These sessions can be stand-alone programs or can be intermixed with the other training programs listed in this section for an effective series of training.

Of course, if you have an issue or topic in mind that’s not in the list, let us know. Custom programs are welcome and just add to our program list for others to experience in the future.

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