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Inspirational and Musical Keynotes

Inspirational and Musical Keynotes

“Alive, enthusiastic, riveting, realistic and knowledgeable” is what Arlene’s audiences say about her engaging keynotes and training on maximizing our human resources – our people and our selves.

Arlene’s unique interweaving of message and song both entertains and inspires. Her music touches that place in our hearts that words alone cannot reach. Described as a combination of Dion, Streisand and Midler, Arlene’s eloquent combination of speaking, singing and stories is a perfect solution for your next event or program.

Here are some sample programs that can be customized for your audience and message.

  • Find Your Voice — Sing Out Loud

  • Each of us brings a special uniqueness to everything we do. However, we don’t always recognize, acknowledge or share our gifts. So while the concept of finding one’s true voice sounds so simple, we all know that it requires a process of self-reflection, self-acceptance and self-celebration.

    Arlene takes finding your voice literally by interweaving a heart-warming message with songs to help you identify your gifts, celebrate of them to the fullest, and uncover new and exciting ways to integrate them in your life. This program will leave you singing a new tune about re-discovering and owning the power of your personal voice.

    Find Your Voice is the perfect keynote for your next conference!

  • Personnel Parodies: A Day in The Life of an HR Pro

  • Are you looking for a fun-filled keynote to liven up your Human Resource conference, seminar or annual celebration event? Look no further. Your HR team or association members will be roaring with laughter at this upbeat, humorous, song-filled celebration of a Day in the Life of an HR Pro.

    Rediscover the humor in Human Resources. Join Arlene as she tells tales and sings humorous original song parodies about what we might experience in our day – from hiring and orienting employees to harassment and Workers’ Compensation, from policies and handbooks to conflict management and employee terminations. Personnel Parodies is the perfect reminder that we can both love and laugh at our work.

  • Melodies to Motivate Managers

No two days are the same when it comes to managing people. When dealing with people and business, anything can happen. Sometimes we just have to step back, chuckle at the variety of experiences, and then applaud the hard work we do as managers.

This fun, lively program blends key motivational messages for managers with humorous business stories and song parodies that will have the audience celebrating the work they do.

Whether you’re holding a conference or training focused on managers or want to celebrate the managers in your organization, your attendees will never forget the music, the melodies and the message.

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