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Human Resource and People Strategies

Human Resource and People Strategies

Every organization has unique needs and issues requiring creative solutions to help your people, operation or systems become more effective. Whether you’re proactively planning changes or reacting to circumstances requiring a change, it’s nice to have an experienced human resources expert as your strategic partner.

HRx teams with you to identify your human resource issues, then creates custom strategies to match your HR needs – all focused on enhancing your organization and your people.

Your human resource strategies can take a variety of forms and direction. The HR strategies you and Arlene develop can include:

  • Creating a Human Resources or Employee-Focused Mission Statement, brand or philosophy
  • Identifying HR priorities and planning short and long term HR strategies to meet your objectives
  • Designing your organization’s structure and operation
  • Defining human resource team members’ responsibilities
  • Hiring and training new HR staff
  • Facilitating employee focus groups to better understand your workplace culture
  • Developing custom employee surveys
  • Other custom strategies, action plans and solutions

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