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Job Descriptions

Job Descriptions

We know that few people know how to or like to create clear, thorough job descriptions. We want to have them – we just don’t want to write them. Compound that with the ADA requirement that employers with 15 or more employees need to have job specifications that clearly spell out all the physical and mental requirements of the job, then we get even more kick-back on writing job descriptions correctly.

HRx offers you two approaches to create top-quality job descriptions:

  • We can train your people to create solid ADA-compliant job descriptions or
  • We can write the job descriptions for you.

Of course, then there’s the third option that mixes up #1 and #2. First, we train your team so they write the job descriptions. Then, we edit and finalize them for consistency across the organization.

The choice is yours. The important part is getting the result of clear job descriptions – one of the most important HR tools you can offer your people.

We know that a good job description serves as a core guide for your managers and employees in all employment and performance decisions. But you need them in place and up-to-date in order for them to work effectively.


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