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Employee Handbooks: Audits, Rewrites, and Custom Development

Employee Handbooks: Audits, Rewrites, and Custom Development

Whether your handbook is out-of-date, incomplete, yet-to-be-written, or just hard to understand – we can help you.

  • Need a new handbook? We custom-develop thorough, compliant handbooks that your employees can understand and your managers can implement.
  • Have an old handbook? We will review, audit and update it to better meets your needs. With all the changing state and federal employment laws as well as your changing internal policies, we recommend that you update your handbook annually – but no less than every two years.
  • Missing some policies? We’ll fill the gaps.

On-Site Policy and Accountability Sessions for Managers

  • If your management team isn’t implementing your handbook policies consistently or you’ve recently updated your handbook, Arlene can conduct on-site handbook and policy administration training for your management team and get everyone “on the same page.”

New Handbook Review for Employees

  • To remind employees about your current policies and/or introduce your new policies, Arlene will conduct an on-site all-employee meeting to explain how your new policies mirror trends and ensure compliance. And we promise this won’t be as boring as it sounds!

We have worked on over 200 employee handbooks for clients just like you.

We get the details right, so that when that unique employee circumstance arises, your handbook already covers it!

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