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Unemployment Claim Response and Guidance

Unemployment Claim Response and Guidance

Many companies think that they’ll never win an unemployment claim, so why bother responding. That’s not what we believe at HRx.

Why should your company pay for an exited employee’s unemployment benefits when you’re not obligated to do so? It’s money thrown away, which no business can afford.

While we can’t guarantee a “win,” we understand many of the subtleties of contesting employment. We can write your response in a way that can improve your results or can guide you in your documentation, response and other communication to help lower your unemployment costs.

The proactive approach would be to call HRx before a termination, so we can create the best documentation in advance.

But there are times when we can’t be as proactive as we’d like.

So when that unemployment claim comes in, call HRx for help writing compelling arguments that support the state’s guidelines for rightfully denying a former employee’s claim.

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