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Termination Guidance

Termination Guidance

Sometimes we terminate too late and sometimes we terminate too soon. Of course, there are also those times when we don’t terminate at all and should.

Where are you in this sometimes confusing spectrum of termination decisions?

You may experience that sticky situation where the employee resigns and you’d prefer not to accept their 2-week notice and just let them go. Or interestingly, there’s the employee who resigns, then changes their mind and decides to stay. Now what do you do?

Or you may encounter the sensitive issues surrounding a reduction in force and need assistance not only handling the planning and the written and oral employee communication, but also handling the aftermath with your remaining staff.

As managers, we’re frequently too close to the situation to consider every aspect of these detailed processes. And most likely, these events are infrequent and you may not be up-to-date on the best way to handle all the nuances surrounding terminations and resignations.

Call on HRx to help guide and support your approach to dealing with those serious and sensitive employee terminations whether it’s for performance, policy violations, poor fit, or reorganizations. And if/when you need legal guidance in these matters, we can work as your liaison or can provide you with solid documents and questions to ask your attorney.

After receiving HRx’s termination management guidance, you will feel more confident in your decision, documentation, and delivery of the difficult news.

Call on Arlene to be your partner, guiding you through the termination process.

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