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Management and Leadership Training

Management and Leadership Training

Managing the Employee Life Cycle

Learn how to apply Arlene’s innovative Employee Life Cycle™ model to supervise in harmony with your employees. Integrate your current management tools and methods at each stage of your employees’ life cycle to improve morale, productivity and retention. From hire to retire, you can maximize how you supervise, meet the needs of your people and get the business results you seek. This visual, practical, high content program is a must for every supervisor.

Participants Will Learn
  • The 7 core phases of the Employee Life Cycle™
  • Employment and interview strategies to attract and select the best employees
  • How to orient and train your employees so they become an integral part of your organization
  • Ways to meet employees’ needs with tried-and-true feedback, reward and recognition methods
  • How to offer employees challenges as retention and development tools
  • How to create recruiters out of the employees that leave your organization

This program can be used as a keynote overview, a two-hour breakout or seminar or a more in-depth full-day program, depending on your learning needs.

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