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Management and Leadership Training

Management and Leadership Training

Leading Like A Star

The effective leader not only needs to understand the concepts of leadership, but how to define and implement a leadership style that is authentic and beneficial to both the organization and people we serve.

This is easier said than done. In this session we’ll discuss the difference between leading and managing, the effects of positive and negative leadership, four leadership styles, and how to develop into a most effective leader.

Participants Will Learn
  • Evaluate the levels of leadership
  • Understand the many roles leaders play
  • Identify and build on your leadership strengths
  • Set unique leadership objectives
  • Explore the 12 dimensions of effective leadership

Since there are so many dimensions to leadership training, this program is typically customized to target the leadership philosophies and educational needs of the organization. Call Arlene to design the leadership program that works best for your team or organization.

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