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Associations and Business Group Presentations

Associations and Business Group Presentations

The A to Z of HR for Smaller Organizations:
Doing it on a Smaller Scale

Yes! You can do it all! Whether you’re the sole HR person at your organization or HR is only one of the many hats you wear, this session will provide you with tips, tools and techniques to provide HR services and systems to support both management and employees.

In this program we will evaluate your human resource management methods from employee entrance to exit. Learn from the successes of other small organizations and maximize your HR efforts without maximizing the hours you work.

Participants will leave with:

  • Tools and checklists to audit HR practices and assess operational gaps
  • Simplified methods to achieve big results in areas such as: employment practices, policies, handbooks, orientation, training, reward systems, etc.
  • Ideas for developing templates and tools to create multipurpose job descriptions, accountability and performance tools
  • Ways to tap into management to have more HR impact throughout the organization
  • Practical, implementable ways to achieve your HR operational objectives

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