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Creating a Culture of Respect

In order for businesses to be fully successful in the products and services they provide, they must also be successful in their internal operations. Understanding the importance of and creating a fully respectful workplace helps organizations attract and retain the best people, decrease turnover, work more productively and achieve better results. This is a hot topic that companies cannot afford to ignore.

In this program, we acknowledge the strengths of your work culture, discuss professionalism, respect and workplace boundaries, review our understanding and rights regarding harassment in the workplace and discuss the advantages of diversity in the workplace. This interactive session helps individuals commit to creating a positive cohesive work culture.

Our Process: Because of the responsibility that management has to role model and hold employees and themselves accountable for creating a harassment-free, respectful work culture, HRx may conduct training for managers separate from line employees. This allows managers to (a) understand their role and responsibilities in more depth, (b) learn how to handle employees issues related to respect, and (c) pose questions and discuss issues that are better discussed without employees present. The separate session also prepares managers to show their knowledge and answer employee questions following the training.

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