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Job Descriptions

Developing Dynamic Job Descriptions

The best job descriptions become tools you use regularly around the office. When written and utilized correctly, job descriptions become a valuable component to managing employees.

In this session, you’ll learn how to maximize the benefit of job descriptions for employee and managerial use, apply an ADA-compliant format to create job descriptions, and analyze the duties, skills and abilities required for each position so you can write new, more effective job descriptions.

Arlene frequently conducts job description training inside an organization to help expedite the job description writing and updating process, to ensure consistent formatting and language across the organization, and ensure compliance. The training can be integrated with consulting and followed up with an audit of completed job descriptions.

In this training, you will also learn how to utilize job descriptions to improve new employee hiring and selection, create targeted interview questionnaires, apply as performance, supervisory and improvement tools, for job analysis and pay equity purposes, and to better design organization effectiveness.

Move your organization forward by creating job descriptions that impact how you manage the core of your human resources – your people.

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