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Hiring The Best

Hiring the Best Without A Crystal Ball

There’s so much more to hiring than meets the eye. Learn how to refine your hiring techniques and develop solid practices to ensure you have the right people in place from the start. The cost of even one bad hire makes this program invaluable. The impact of a series of solid competent hires will have an exponentially positive affect on your organization- including the bottom line.

There are so many components to effective hiring, beginning with job design and determining what you really need in a candidate, continuing through advertising and screening, to interviewing, testing and selection. Too many organizations repeatedly redo this important process with every hire. This session will help you save time and money by creating a hiring and selection system that works!

In this session discover how to customize your screening and interviewing techniques to ensure each new employee truly fits the job and your organization, create targeted structured interviews, and break through the canned answers. This program Includes:

  • The benefits of planning each step of the hiring process
  • Techniques to effectively screen resumes and applications
  • How to create interview questions that give you meaningful information on the candidate
  • Pre-interview preparation tips to set the stage for a good hire
  • Ways to listen to what the candidate isn’t saying
  • How to select winners

Learn a holistic hiring process that works from job opening to hire. And move from superficial selection to super selection!

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