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Sense and Sensibility: Harassment Training

We assume that our employees understand what is and what is not acceptable in the workplace regarding sexual harassment and other types of harassing behavior. But we also know how unwise it is to assume. The first harassment claim always takes us by surprise. And even the most positive work cultures with clear missions and values still can hire an employee or work with a client or vendor who harasses one of our employees.

One of the best legal protections an organization can have is to train their employees on how not to harass and what to do if you’ve been harassed. In today’s litigious society, it’s not enough to merely have an anti-harassment policy. In fact, courts rule more favorably on organizations who have conducted harassment training than on those who ignore this important educational opportunity.

But if you thought that harassment training had to be BORING, think again! Arlene adds humor, stories, and interactive exercises to her harassment training. You and your staff will remember the importance of the message and walk away having actually enjoyed the training!

In this important session participants will learn:

  • Your company’s harassment policy
  • Recognizing sensitivity levels
  • Sexual harassment legal definitions
  • Harassment examples
  • Hostile environment/Quid pro quo
  • Other prohibited harassment
  • Who to contact regarding concerns
  • Participating in an investigation
  • Employee and management responsibilities

Our Process: Because of the responsibility that management has to role model and hold employees and themselves accountable for creating a harassment-free, respectful work culture, HRx may conduct training for managers separate from line employees. This allows managers to (a) understand their role and responsibilities in more depth, (b) learn how to handle employees issues related to respect, and (c) pose questions and discuss issues that are better discussed without employees present. The separate session also prepares managers to show their knowledge and answer employee questions following the training.

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