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Human Resources Training

Discipline and Documentation

A 3-D View of Addressing Performance:
Discipline, Documentation and Dismissal

Sometimes taking corrective action with poor performing or policy-violating employees is the best and only option you have as a manager. Don’t put off taking action solely out of fear of potential legal action. Recognize that everyone on your team is bearing the burden of your difficult employees. As managers, it’s our responsibility to help the capable employees succeed in our organization and sometimes to help the difficult employees succeed in other organizations.

This session is dedicated to teaching techniques for giving timely constructive feedback, documenting conversations, issues and corrective action and, when necessary, releasing the employee and yourself from further problems.

You will leave this session knowing how to:

  • Keep employees apprised of their strengths and opportunities
  • Communicate difficult messages
  • Give specific, corrective feedback and set clear performance and behavior expectations
  • Thoroughly document corrective discussions
  • Identify terminatable offenses and related action steps
  • Prepare yourself and the organization for an employee termination
  • Conduct a termination meeting
  • Handle the post-termination effects on the culture

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