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Associations and Business Group Presentations

Associations and Business Group Presentations

Creating Employee Handbooks: Necessity or Nuisance

Some organizations live by their handbook, some fear the restrictions, and yet others wish one would magically appear complete and ready to use. No matter your position related to the handbook issue, without some form of policies or procedures you lose important protection, run the serious risk of discriminating and breaching other employment laws as you handle employee issues and benefits on a case-by-case basis.

The key is realizing that it’s so much easier to have a solid handbook to rely on, rather than creating policies on the fly. This interactive session teaches how to audit your current handbook or create a new one.

You will learn the 20+ policies, key disclaimers and other protective policies no handbook should be without. This program also includes: policies that will save you time and aggravation, how to communicate handbooks and policies to employees and managers, ways to keep your policies current and the most recent laws that might not already be in your handbook.

Arlene has reviewed, updated and created over 200 handbooks. Your organization and members can tap into Arlene’s handbook expertise at your next event.

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