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Management and Leadership Training

Management and Leadership Training

Mastering Employee Magnetism:
Keys to Attract and Retain the Best

Make sure your organization retains the top talent you worked so hard to attract. Each manager is responsible for creating a “magnetic” environment to ensure you attract and retain the “right” people. It’s not enough to merely bring in the right people – you must also know how to hold onto them and create a workplace where good employees don’t want to leave.

First, we explore how to enhance how to identify and present your organizational strengths as part of marketing the employee experience to prospective employees. Discover methods to both assess and sell your organization’s core strengths.

Then we learn the most current methods to create an employee-centered culture and an effective employee­ retention strategy – all focused on keeping the right people. Leave this session with a checklist of practical ways for leadership to transform your culture into a magnetic force that attracts and retains the best for your organization.

Participants Will Learn
  • How to create a motivating culture
  • Actions and activities to engage and motivate employees
  • The importance of creating and implementing an effective employment strategy
  • How to consistently reward and recognize employees
  • What your employees really want from you
  • How to integrate fun in your workplace

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