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Taming the Time Tiger

We all struggle with Time Tigers, those “beasts” that stop us from controlling our time effectively. This program is your opportunity to identify your individual Time Tigers and learn how to tame and manage them.

The taming process begins with each of us setting specific time management objectives, recognizing that you can’t achieve a goal you haven’t defined. Based on your objectives, you then learn to plan and prioritize your activities, eliminate time wasters, organize for efficiency and develop techniques to stay focused on your time management path.

This program includes exploring the myths and benefits of time management, identifying time management strengths and struggles, daily time wasters and solutions, organizational issues and tips, juggling time and people, conducting effective meetings and sharing your best time management tips.

Leave this program with sensible and practical time management techniques and a personal action plan to not only keep pace with the pack but to win the race with time.

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