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Hear Arlene Sing

Hear Arlene Sing

Arlene once heard a speaker on creative presentations say, “If you have a unique talent, integrate it into your speaking.”

So that’s what Arlene did. Arlene integrates her natural singing ability with her creativity and began writing fun song parodies to open and close her keynotes and presentations.

Then she took it a step further and created Personnel Parodies – a keynote that integrates many of her parodies into the day in the life of and HR pro.

And she decided to share a more heartfelt, motivational message woven by song in her Find Your Voice – Sing Out Loud musical keynote where she both sings and plays the piano.

Workplace Song Parodies

Here are a few sample songs that Arlene uses to open and close her training or sings in Personnel Parodies.

Musical Keynote Songs

Enjoy this sampling of songs with Arlene accompanying herself on the piano.
Whether you’re planning a conference or training, your attendees will never forget Arlene’s music, melodies and message.

Awards & Recognition

Musical Emceeing

Custom Songs

Goal the Distance Keynote Songs

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