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Bullying in the Workplace

While bullying is not illegal, it can be as disruptive if not more disruptive and destructive to our workplaces as harassment. Whether the workplace bully is an abusive, demeaning supervisor or an employee who is excluding or sabotaging coworkers, the effect of bullying is serious and needs to be addressed.

This topic is timely and vital for any work culture since many organizations have not yet educated their managers on bullying or created policies that prohibit bullying at work. Without this education and focus on the impact of bullying, some employees have to silently tolerate this behavior as there’s no process to come forward, report or discuss being bullied.

In this session, we’ll discuss the signs of bullying, the ramifications of bullying in the workplace and practical solutions to eliminate bullying from the workplace.

Clients can add Workplace Bullying to Harassment Training, Respect Training or as a stand-alone program for their organization.

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