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Awards and Recognition Events

Awards and Recognition Events

“Alive, enthusiastic, riveting, realistic and knowledgeable” is what Arlene’s audiences say about her engaging keynotes and training on maximizing our human resources – our people and our selves.

Leave those boring awards and recognition programs behind and let Arlene write and perform custom songs to share that special message for your special people.

Arlene’s songs will spice up your recognition event, whether you are celebrating employees, volunteers, Board members, retirees, or individuals in a business or personal setting.

As your sensational people walk to the stage to receive the recognition they so deserve, Arlene sings the unique “theme song” she custom-created to capture the essence of their contributions and personality.

Or celebrate one or more “guests of honor” with a custom written and performed song parody to honor that special person, group or milestone in their personal or professional lives.

  • Create a Lasting Memory

    Arlene’s custom songs are a perfect blend of warmth and humor that make your event unique and that no one will forget!

  • Would You Like to See This in Action? 

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